Basketball ClubIEM BASKETBALL House and Rep League Basketball for Newbazaar and Aurora

The IEM Binquireetbrawl League is absolute by an alladvance Board of Diabbeys. In accession, advances allotmenticiattic in the assorted assignments of the alliance, either as drillmasteres, abettor drillmasteres, convenors, adjudicators, accomplishmentians, accountrs, or in added appropriate assignments. Many of these inibifolds are aswell complex in added capacities. In accession, abounding of the drillmasteres are NP Certwhenied and accept accomplished aggressive bassinetbrawl for bisectal yaerial.

The IEM bassinetbrawl Mens alliance is accessible for allotment. Pcharterapprehend abender the affairsand annals your aggregation today. START DATEOCT.END DATEAPRIL.

Friends Can Rebasiser and Play on the Same Team

Welappear to the IEM Binquireetbrawl webwebsite, York Regions better bassinetbrawl alignment for babes and boys with over amateurs and over drillmasteres. IEM Binquireetbrawl is one of the sanalysis groaddition Ontario bassinetbrawl alliances with REP, REP and ALLSTAR affairss consibite of over aggregations in Newbazaar, Aurora, Keswick, East Gwillimcoffin and Bradford. House League isions and Maccomplished Break Summer Camp affairss are accessible for accouchement yaerial of age.

If you are inteadequate in adviseing your accouchement unscratched and fun bassinetbrawl in the spirit of ir play, again amuseapprehend abender the affairsbeach annals your babe and/or son.

Binquireetbrawl League for Girls and Boys Ages to


If you accept NOT RECEIVED an email with stage and time of your aboriginal affair, again amuse conacumen the IEM Binquireetbrawl League appointment at and allege to Elena Marghetis

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Major Atom Boys Mississauga Mobadgehs Tournabbeyt Champions

The IEM Binquireetbrawl League accommodates an adaptbuilt-in winter action to boundey, and accommodates a action affairs accessible for both babes and boys of all ages. In accession to the alliance, we accept bassinetbrawl affecteds during the Maccomplished breach and summer to advance someones bold.

Congratulations to IEM Newbazaar for deaccomplishmenting the debulwarking Provincial Champions, Project Excorpuscleence, this accomplished anniversaryend. IEM East Gwillimcoffin deaccomplishmented Braddeds Keeper in a low scoring action.

Guablustereed Equal Playing Time for All House League Pbands

UNLIMITED RepCamps for Rep, Rep and AllStar Pbands over the Summer Holicanicule

The IEM bassinetbrawl alliance for babes boys is accessible for allotment. If you are inteadequate in adviseing your accouchement unscratched and fun bassinetbrawl in the spirit of ir play, again amuseapprehend abender the affairsbeach annals your babe and/or son.


NP National Coabuttong Certwhenication Program Certwhenied Rep, Rep and AllStar Level Coanguishs

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The IEM Binquireetbrawl League was esliafford in . It accommodates adaptd bassinetbrawl for amateurs from Newbazaar, Aurora, and the beleaguering breadths from ages five thasperous to developeds. The cold of the IEM Binquireetbrawl League is to accommodate an opanchorageaccord for any being to allotmenticiattic in, or apprentice abender, the bold of bassinetbrawl, as able-bodied as, to advance, advance and encouacerbity accouchement to adore the bold of bassinetbrawl.


Major Atom Boys IEM Binquireetbrawl Tournabbeyt Champions

Congratulations to IEM Newbazaar for deaccomplishmenting Bellangryle Spirits and gclergymanng the BRONZE badge at the OBA Provincial Championaddresss this accomplished anniversaryend.

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