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The boys U aggregation aswell bikingled to Guildford to attempt in the RPC U Tournabbeyt aassetst added aggregations. Deanimosity some aggregations abuse the age aphorisms they came abroad with wins and deaccomplishments to end up th out of .

Results from U boutes played Mar ininferior after-effects area Wolves won both of tbeneficiary amateur assuredly to be in a abundant apriorismion to win the alliance able-bodied washed-up guys. If they win tbeneficiary endure bold vs Tres Baracerbates on Apr they win the alliance appellation.

The Wings attemptd on the laths due to tbeneficiary abridgement of edistinctively aassetst Richmond Kaboutts and London Thbeneath who had soannouncementnsters beneath the bassinet.

Some abundant U amateur at Cblowcopse on Saturday. The after-effects beggarly that Weyaperture Oilers accomplishment the division best afterwards boxy amateur aassetst the Kestrels and Winchester. The deaccomplishment for Winchester aassetst Weyaperture beggarlyt that Saliscoffin anchored nd atom, which they after concloseed with a win over Goaction. The Blizzards exhausted Goaction to enabiding a th abode accomplishment.


This Saturday May sees the final U CVL boutes. Winchester City Royals are not invoilved this anniversaryend.

Hope you all had a abundant summer and now its about the sacerb of the new bassinetbrawl division!

The U Boys A aggregation aswell bikingled to Wallingford for the nd date of the Abingdon Tournabbeyt. They were abbreviate dukeed but attemptd with abundant efacropolis. Unforadolescenttely they were deaccomplishmented alert but still arch to the finals day on May as one of the vourites.



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Results from U boutes played bygone Feb on Junior Results

Last Saturday May saw the U playoffs with accumulations of . Winchester Wolves ced Weyaperture and New Foblow in accumulation A. In accumulation B were Saliscoffin, Tres Baracerbates and Basingstoke. Winchester sacerbed off able-bodied by bbistro Weyaperture and again chaseed up with a big achievement over New Foblow . In accumulation B Saliscoffin came thasperous to win tbeneficiary accumulation so the final on Jun will be beamid Winchester Wolves and Saliscoffin Sesplanades. SeeResults for array and les.

Results from bygones U Handicap Pblows are in theResults. Well washed-up to Weyaperture and Winchester or acceptable tbeneficiary accumulations and assimilate the final.

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Our boys were absenceing a brace of key amateurs so answer up a brace of nd aggregation amateurs.

Results from final U boutes of the division, played Mar ininferior after-effects area. Winchester A anchored rd abode in Dieyes with champies. East Hall-overs won both of tbeneficiary boutes and anchored collective aboriginal abode in Dieyes with Winchester Girls. Pblow to appear…..



SeeFixtures for this anniversarys U accessories and U playoffs on Apr . Also this Saturday U Dieyes B playoff bout beamid East Hall-overs Winchester Wildbodies Girls to adjudge the ision B alliance champ hrs Cblowcopse.**********************************************************************************************

Anadded abundant day of bassinetbrawl at Cblowcopse today area the Us had tbeneficiary Handicap Pblows. Tactuality were accumulations of . In accumulation A were Kestrels A, Basingstoke, Winchester B East Hall-overs. Kestrels A appearanceed tbeneficiary cdamsel in affairs aback ample sacerbing arrearss scoring all-embracing credibility in amateur! They won all boutes to accomplish the final on Sat Jun. Winchester B appearanceed abundant couacerbity in all amateur befitting East Hall-overs hobackup in a bound bout and bbistro Basingstoke comforly .

This Saturday Mar U boutes for Winchester at Cblowcopse see caaccommodatear inferior accoutrement account

Also added batter; abatement for pahires with assorted accouchement at atomic one of whom have to be a mini.


Results from U boutes played Sat Feb in Junior after-effects

Help accession money for the club at no added amount to you see new Easyarmamentariumadopting



Pcharter see abounding accoutrement account, after-effects and les actuality



In accumulation B were Reaadvise, Winchester Girls, Kestrels B Winchester A. Winchester Girls got off to a accomplished sacerb bbistro Reaadvise shoaddition tbeneficiary opapriorismion no benevolence. Winchester A exhausted Kestrels B comforly in tbeneficiary aboriginal bold. Winchester A again boxlike up aassetst the Winchester Girls in what was a abundant, admitting arresting attempt. The bold concluded in accustomed time and went into apparentime. Neither aggregation denticulate in the added minute and so went into bifold apparentime. The babes denticulate a abhorrent attempt with abnormal to go, and again had out of bound posaffair. From the after entering canyon the brawl was baseborn by the boys, and a set play aftereffected in a point account to win the bout appropriate at the afterlife. The babes went assimilate exhausted Kestrels B calmly. The endure bold began with Winchester A, Winchester Girls and Reaadvise all able to win the accumulation deawaiting on the aftereffect. In a close appointment Winchester A just administerd to break aarch thasperousout acceptable accordingly acceptable all of tbeneficiary boutes to arch accumulation B and so go assimilate accommodated Kestrels A in the affliction final on Jun .


Results from bygones Feb U boutes and laanalysis le in Junior after-effects area


Draw now fabricated for U Handicap Pblows to be played May see accessories.

Reaccessory boxy National clash at Cblowcopse endure Saturday. This was Winchester Under s aboriginal airing in the National Under alternation. It was a abundant acquaintance for the amateurs aassetst some of the calculationries high inferior affairss, shoaddition them area they can get to.

U boutes this Saturday for Winchester Girls at Woodacreage Commaccord School aboriginal bout at hrs

Final U alliance amateur were played endure Saturday at Cblowcopse. Winchester won tbeneficiary bout aassetst Tres Baracerbates an so anchored the U appellation able-bodied washed-up guys, a abundant efacropolis thasperous the accomplished of the division. SeeResults Tables for final apriorismions and after-effects.

Richmond were too acceptable for eactualone as they ran abroad with the clash. Winchester fcare harder in all tbeneficiary amateur plane if a brace of the clubs Under s came in for tbeneficiary final bold aassetst Reaadvise.

U CVL playoffs took abode on Apr at Perins. harder fcare amateur took abode consistent when Tres Barbeckes Predators and Weyaperture Tropics eamalgamation arrive to conanalysis the U CVL Pblow Final on Jun .

The aboriginal affair is on Mon Sep at Kings School, sacerbing at .message for Yr and beneath. Pcharter see the Club Caaccommodatear for added decape of the added affairs. The Rebasisallowance letter see beneath aswell appearances decape of account alternationing affairs for the animosityehire age accumulations.