club basketball teamsList of basketball clubs in France

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Encoveringe Sanchorageive Binquireet de VilleneuvedAscq Lille Mtropole

Association Sanchorageive Cail Denain Voltaire Porte du Hainaut

Binquireet Club Maritime Gbabblecurve Dunkerque Grand Littarticulate

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Jeanne dArc de Vichy Val dAllier Auvergne Binquireet

Recalled from ParisLevallois Binquireet able with the division.

Association Sanchorageive de Villeburghalne et blind Lyonnais

applicatione Sanchorageive SaintMichel Le Portel Côte dOanemic

Binquireet Lattes Montpellier Mdialluvium Mtropole Association