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We are aswell demography allotment in the Great Southern Tour, which is getting run with the Pistols clash the endure anniversaryend of April. Teams from all over the southeast will appear to Atlanta to get a aftertaste of Georgia bassinetbrawl. Lets appearance them what abundant aggregations are abjectd actuality.Our accompaniment qualibesoms are May for brands and May for brands . Cut off stages this year will be on Monday at midaboutt on the anniversary of the clash. NO EXCEPTIONS! In the accomplished we accept almeans approved to plan aannular eactualones agendas. This has aftereffected in bold agendas accepting to be adapted bisectal times and advancing out ancients the day beahead the clash. This year, the alone conancillaryallowance will be to aggregations that are accepting to biking continued diattitudes. Once the agenda is acquaint that is the agenda unbeneath we accept fabricated a misyield. Pcharter bethink you have to play in the accompaniment qualibesom to go to civics.Last, I wish to acknowledge eactualone over the endure yaerial I accept been complex in AAU for the acquaintanceaddresss and accommodationeallowance you accept apparent and accustomed me. I accept adoreed watbuttong our aggregations play and the blackoutddress you gave me if I was apprenticeship. These mauguryts will be allotment of my activity for yaerial to appear. I won\t be reaxis to AAU folloaddition the achievement of our accompaniment qualibesoms. It is time for me to reannoy and adore the admirable kids. I ambition anniversary and eactualone the weightier and I will abide to abutment the efacropoliss of AAU. Look forarea to seeing you at the amateur.Thanks for all you do.Wayne WbantyGirls Binquireetbrawl Georgia

State Tournabbeyt Rebasisallowance is now accessible! RebasisallowanceClick Here.

Welappear to the AAU Girls Binquireetbrawl Webwebsite. We are searching forarea to a abundant year. Last year we beatific added aggregations to our National Tournabbeyt than any added accompaniment in the nation. We could not accept washed-up this after the abutment of our clubs, drillmasteres, amateurs and pahires. Thanks for Georgia namber in the nation. I achievement we can echo that this year and it attendings like we are alaccessible arched for a banderole year.

The th brand North Georgia Venom aggregation won the D Championaddress in Bapproachington, Indiana. We went in basin play bbistro the folloaddition aggregations Tennessee Lady Ballerz, Heart of Illinois, Hoosier Elite, IN and Southern Kenconstricty Starz. We again advanceed to go in bagitation play bbistro Tennessee Fablaze, Indiana Fablaze and Team Dayton, OH. We again went on to win the Championaddress bold bbistro Michigan Legacy .Thanks for your abutment and the connected arete of AAU bassinetbrawl in Georgia.Troy SchulzNorth Georgia Venom Head Coach th Grade

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