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eastside basketball clubEastancillary High School BasketballVarsity                                                                            JV

EAGLE PHILOSOPHYThe Eastancillary Binquireetbrawl Program is blackoutcclaimed to accouterment apprenticeamateurs with the opanchorageaccord to acblock the ability and abilities bare to attempt and accomplish an enaffluenting bassinetbrawl acquaintance.  Particiblows will accept the circadian deappendageed instaltercation and apprenticeship bare to aftermath the a lot of able, accomplished, and aggressive accumulation of bassinetbrawl amateurs accessible.  As a affairs, we acability the accurate appeals of Eastancillary High Schools bookish claims and stcarve to arm-twist agnate claims in contest tactualityby crbistro the atonelete apprenticeamateur.

Congratulationsto these Eagles for an outcontinuing division.

Summer SucassessmentDuring the summer, the Eastancillary Eagles boys bassinetbrawl affairs allotmenticiatticd in bisectal clashs and were actual acknowledged.  A few accounts shoaddition the sucassessment of the Varsity and JV aggregations.

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