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The Winter League is for players who are committed to improving inidual skill and basketball I.Q. in a team setting.

The ability to have mily time over the holidays no sessions during Thanksgiving week or Holiday Break

No additional travel costs. All sessions take place at Home Court

Regularly scheduled sessions so you can plan the rest of their busy schedules around Home Court

Our season will be the h year of the Winter League and over that time more than , boys and girls have been a part of this truly unique basketball experience. Many players have used the Winter League to make future select and high school teams, but all of our participants have improved their skills and basketball I.Q. while enjoying a positive and productive season at Home Court.

Knowing that their child is in a respectful, learning environment under the supervision of great role models

Basketball skill I.Q. development through full court team drills and simulations

I am convinced that Home Court is the best program around. Not just from a basketball skills and training standpoint, but also from a leadership perspective of teaching these kids to be good people. Ted H.

Because Home Court has been a consistent influence for him for so long during this very important period in Gregs life, it has played almost a supplementary parental role, and we never worried about the values that were being instilled in him there. In ct, we feel extremely lucky to have found the Home Court program, which wasnt just a place for the kids to go to compete athletically, but was consciously designed to help them develop as wellrounded members of society in the process. Deb R.

Off court lessons that will extend well beyond the basketball court

Transitioning from NYBA rec league to Home Court to the Select Program has been the perfect stepping stone for learning the game for our kids. Simply put, without the and depth of coaching that Home Court provides, our kids would not have progressed as quickly to the skill level that they now possess. Cameron Shawn D.

Well organized practices and games that maximize activity for all players

There are no tryouts, instead players are placed into ision by age and ability to ensure that everyone is appropriately challenged by the instruction and competition. Players practice one week night a week th th graders can add a second practice. th th graders can also add a small group training session Winter Skills if they are interested in an additional skill development opportunity. Games are at the same time each Saturday. Practices are arranged at mutually agreeable times.

Winter League has five areas of focus for players

A development process that includes the parents to create the ultimate set of ns

Home Court has been an invaluable part of Connors sports life the last few years. The years when Connor tried out for the select traveling team and just missed the final cut he was discouraged, but luckily Home Court was there for him to continue to play. Home Court programs provide a good fit for players that dont make tryout teams as well as players that just want extra skill building and practice. Will Jennifer C.

I participated in activities at Home Court since I was in the th grade. Two weeks ago, I was elected the next President of my school. You might ask yourself how these two events are connected. Let me explain. In my time at Home Court I learned many valuable lessons about leadership, perseverance, and dedication not to mention the great basketball skills. I would never be in the position that I am today if I had not attended Home Court. Tom C.

Competitive matchups to ensure competitive games

Personal attention, positive coaching and drill repetition to achieve maximum development

Here is a sampling of comments from Home Court milies