About Carolina Basketball Clubcbc basketball club

Development is one of the most important concepts that we undertake in our program. We will take the word development and give it special meaning. Not only will we teach you fundamental basketball skills for your development, but we will go one step further we will teach you life lessons that will build upon the foundation of your character and further develop you to succeed in your life.

Our goal is to develop basketball players who are actively recruited by college coaches from Division , and .

The parents should encourage and respect the development of their studentathletes and teammates as well as the coaches efforts to teach the players. Parents and players will be expected to participate in fundraising to defray team expenses. Players, parents and coaches must exhibit good sportsmanship towards one another, opposing teams and the referees as per the National AAU Guidelines.

The Directors and Coaches strive to provide the studentathletes with a highly disciplined, focused, competitive, and funfilled environment in which players learn the value of setting goals, working hard and achieving. The vigorous and ir coaching is founded on constructive criticism and praise and is most effective in instruction as well as preparation for college coaching s.

Carolina Basketball Club formerly Phoenix South was founded in . The organization was created with an agreement between Delaney Rudd and Vince Jacobs. In CBC dropped the Phoenix South Brand and officially changed its name to Carolina Basketball Club CBC. The CBC name change process was completed the end of . The new CBC organization is not part of Team Phoenix or Lady Phoenix, but CBC still works closely with Delaney Rudd and Lady Phoenix. Carolina Basketball Club is now one of the largest AAU Clubs in the Southeast with over Teams. The CBC Leadership Team includes Coach Vince Jacobs President/Founder Sam Hinnant VP, Boys Division Dennis Covington VP, Operations Tommye Staton Director, Staffing/Concessions.

The coaches value and respect each player and take an interest in the players development in basketball and as a person. The coaches expect several characteristics from players, including effort, commitment to attend practice and games, and utmost respect for coaches, referees, parents, teammates and themselves.

The mission of the Carolina Basketball Club formerly Phoenix South Basketball is to provide the areas top studentathletes with a year round opportunity to develop advanced fundamental basketball skills and to grow into accomplished, self confident basketball players and responsible young adults.