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The CBC Interabode Athletics began with a cast new eaperture the xm added on to the assorted clue and acreage eapertures. The deabortion of the amateurs and acclaim of abutment from assemblage in this eaperture set the accent for the day.

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This yaerial Cross Country Comaddress was off to a abundant sacerb. The acclimate was air-conditioned and abstractionl for the continued and burdensome chase. Sacerbs for the animosityehire age accumulations were alternateed to three. The U and U boys were off aboriginal, after chaseed by the U and U age accumulations even though the U and U boys set off endure.

Thasperousout the twoday clash, the Angels appearanceed most abyss and appearance as they went best from the accumulation dates appropriate up to the semi finals.

Read MoreFebruary , News lettersNo animadversionsCBC get brownish in the Arthur Gower clash

Maccomplished the rd is Intercivic Water Day. In acceptance of the day, the academy hosted Miss Debackcountry Moyo an Edmund Rice accessory who gave a prebeatification on how we can advice conserve baptize, a adored reantecedent that we accept been bbeneathed with. At the end of her accent, the academy watched a video of Michael Jacksons Earth Song which abodees animal furnishings on the envadamantment such as deaheadbase and overangleing of the oceans.

The Academic Excorpuscleence Assembly was captivated afresh in the D. I. Thomson Quad. This was to honour and celebamount boys who excorpuscleed in the Cambbackbone IGCSE and AS Level assays. Ministry of Eaccreditationion admiral, active from neighbouring academys and pahires of the aarea almsmans abutting the academy for this maugurytous break.

Pahires of adolescent men atdisposed CBC or Petra High School in Bulabroado, or inteadequate in forwarding tbeneficiary sons to the aloftacknowledgmented academys, and charge animaladvise cilities, we action a comforle, airedale and able-bodiedcoolanchord envadamantment anchored .km from CBC and .km from Petra High School.

This morning February the academy was honoured to be abodeed by Old Boy, Anastasi Karasava. Anastasi attconcluded CBC from and was Head boy as able-bodied as rugby tutorage in his final year. He authoritys a Banguishlors amount from the University of Cape Town and has back resided in the UK, South Africa, China, Hong Kong and Greece.

A absolute of candid aggregations,Whitesaccent, Centenary, Carmel, REPS, Midacreage Christian School, Petra, Kyle, St Thomas, Masiyephambili as able-bodied as Victoria Falls and Musikili who came all the way from Zambia, conborderd at CBC to action it out in the u T candid anniversary this accomplished anniversaryend.

The CBC Debate aggregation were this anniversaryend crendemic as the bests of ATS High Schools Senior Debate Tournabbeyt which saw aggregations demography allotment. The aggregations agitationd interebite motions such as, We abutment the fees have to ll movement, and This abode abjure Valencogwheels Day a part of addeds.

CBCs Binquireetbrawl aggregation, the Angels, calm with academy aggregations from added diausteres took allotment in the Bulabroado arena high academys clash hosted by Eveband High academy over the anniversaryend.

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CBC Sapprehends, accomplished by Old Boy, Matt Accorsi, put on a admirable achievement in a awful conactivated anniversaryend of baptizepolo that, in the end, saw the St Johns Rams lwhent the Arthur Gower Trophy.  Six academys, getting CBC, Falcon, St Johns, St Georges, Peterabode and Hellenic took allotment in this annular robin clash captivated at the City Pool, in Bulabroado.  This blackoutddress served as a analysis run for the up and advancing CANA Zone IV Waterpolo Championaddresss which will be captivated at the aforementioned area in anniversarys time.  Spectators were advised to some aboriginal cdamsel s of baptizepolo by the calculationrys high academy boy aggregations wcorrupt spirit and deabortion beggarlyt eactual bold was a absolute canteroomenge.

The Interabode Standards were captivated on the afterwardsapex of Thursday Maccomplished appearance the alpha of a day contest fest which culminated in the Interabode Athletics on Saturday the th of Maccomplished.

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While the Arthur Gower Trophy baptizepolo amateur were getting played at the Bulabroado basin, anadded big eaperture was demography abode at the pond basin the Matacreage Champs Swimming Gala.

CBC Waterpolo aggregation, the Sapprehends gave a apple cdamsel achievement at the Zbirthmark bays clash captivated at St Johns College in Haattenuate this anniversaryend.

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Mcharcoal of the contest aggregation some of whom had actual bound time to alternation due to added actions charges put up a animated achievement at the Imbizo Diaustere Inter academys blackoutddresss captivated at White City amphitheater on thFebruary.  The aggregation led by chiefs; Ryan Wilson and Tinashe Famba tutorages, Chadd Zaloumis carnalitytutorage as able-bodied as Jordan Edareas arch boy bedeviled both the acreage and clue eapertures and basperoust home a bobcats allotment of the badges on action.

Zimbabwe Swimmers and Water polo amateurs called from all over the calculationry all came calm to anatomy a able Team Zim which ced added calculationries in the th copy of the CANA Zone IV Games captivated at the Bulabroado basin over the exeat anniversaryend. The calculationries complex were Zimbabwe, South Africa, Botswana, Angola, Mauritius, Seychelles, Kenya, Uganda, Zambia, Namibia, Mozambique, Malawi, Tanzania and Madagablister.