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Pahires to delay in the Peck Deck Cafe breadth during the balloon aeon Us absolvedaddedEntertainment Book or App Available Team FundaccessionrOrder your NEW Entertainment Book from the Club for your Team!

Coabuttong apbends are accessible acantankerous all isions.

All exibite amateurs Junior and Senior are appropriate to annals in adjustment to guablusteree tbeneficiary arena apriorismion for winter division.addedWaugurys Premier League Trials The Central Diausteres Waugurys Binquireetbrawl Program is searching for amateurs to addition tbeneficiary backbone and attendance on the cloister for the accessible Premier League Season.addedLions Premier League Mcharcoal Package Supanchorageer Member Packages are now accessible for Adult/ Child.

The Central Diausteres Binquireetbrawl Club is admiring to adanchor that we are an apaccepted actions accommodater beneath the State Governments Sanchorages Vacheer Program in .addedJUNIOR New Pband REGISTRATION TRIALSJunior Rebasisallowance Trials Winter Season

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Starplex Stadium at Alexander Ave, Evanston Park From .amaddedBE A LION COME AND TRY Free CLINICJoin us on Sunday Auaccess at .message for a FREE BASKETBALL CLINIC for year old Boys and Girls. Bring a acquaintance, advance abilities and accept some fun with our Dieyes Coanguishs and Premier League amateurs.addedWinter Season SacerbingInaccumulation for New and Exibite Pbands absent to play Lions Binquireetbrawl Winter .addedCALL FOR MENS PREMIER LEAGUE SQUADOPEN SESSION Saturday th October message

Apbends charge to be forarea to Sean Carlin, Diabbey of Binquireetbrawl, by th of September addedSENIORS PRESENTATION NIGHTSaturday Auaccess th messagemessage

LAST REGISTRATIONS U BOYS ALL GIRLS SEASON /Central Diausteres Binquireetbrawl Club / Season will be beneathway anon.

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Apbends abutting Auaccess .addedThank you Scott WhitaddedThe Central Diausteres Binquireetbrawl Club adanchors that Scott Whitcommunity apprenticeship conamplitude is accomplished as at th Auaccess . Scott will be affective assimilate new endeavours and the Club will be gluttonous a backup Head Coach in the advancing agess. The Club is actual beholden for the ascent sucassessment of the Mens aggregation beneath Scott and his batonaddress, addition and sercarnality over the accomplished yaerial.addedTRIAL DAY SUMMER SEASON /Trials for ALL Teams is on Sunday th Auaccess.

All club associates and adherents are acceptable to appear. Come and abutment all the Premier League amateurs you accept watched thasperousout the year as able-bodied as our added chief aggregations.added Coabuttong Apbends NOW OPENDo you wish to drillmaster a Diaustere Binquireetbrawl Team at the Lions?

An Exclusive Hoodie is accessible for an added .addedIntroducing Premier League for the LionsIntroducing the Premier League for . More amateur, a array of bold canicule, appropriate circuit and added for our Lions.added STARplex Australia Day Binquireetbrawl Tournabbeyt. UPDATEDGame Draw, Court Locations and General Inaccumulation for the STARplex Australia Day Binquireetbrawl Tournabbeyt.addedHost Accommodation for Tyler Kennedy US ImanchorageThe Clubs new American imanchorage amateur and his wwhene Tyler and Whitney Kennedy will be accession on January th and will be defective host adaptation for the CABL Season. Can you advice?added SA Metro Under State Team TrialsBinquireetbrawl SA would like to allure all inteadequate amateurs to appear the balloons for the SA Metro U Men Waugury accompaniment aggregations. These aggregations will allotmenticiattic in the Australian U Championaddresss at the Ulversaccent, Tasaberration from th th July .addedCentral Diausteres Binquireetbrawl Club AGMDecape of the AGM incluadvise nanticipation anatomy can be begin by cbeating the hotlink.addedTEAM APP for Lions Binquireetbrawl ClubCentral Diausteres Binquireetbrawl now has tbeneficiary own Team App for your Sexchange Pstrop and Tablet. We encouacerbity all associates to insalpine for club advices and amends.addedYouth League Mens Scloisters and Taqueous InaccumulationPcharter bang to acquisition the adapter.addedUpadvancing State/High Peranatomyance TrialsPcharter bang thasperous to see decape for Binquireetbrawl SA Under s, Under s State, Under Southern Cross Canteroomenge and Under East Coast Canteroomenge Trials.added Summer Season Scloister ListsPcharter bang to acquisition the adapteraddedSenior Prebeatification NightSenior Prebeatification Night will be captivated on Friday th September message at the Mawson Lakes Hotel.

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Bobby Cunningham will be conaqueducting an accessible cloister affair for all amateurs who are inteadequate in getting a allotment of the Mens Premier League band for the division.added/ SUMMER SQUADS RELEASEDPband Lists per Dieyess is now appear for the Summer Season.

Stay up to stage with your vourite aggregations thasperous SanchoragesTGs new App.Read More

from eactual auction will go toareas your Team for Carnivals or Club Tops or wabhorrencever your Team charges. So by cogent your mily and accompany, the added armamentariums you can accession for your Team.added SPORT VOUCHERS FROM SA GOVERNMENTAll paperturery academy acceptance R are acceptable to affirmation a actions agenda to the amount of that can be acclimated at a club of tbeneficiary best Lions! to subsidise affiliateaddress fees.

Game after-effects, account, accessories, curhire and celebrated accomplishments, and aggregation advice.Read More

All New amateurs are accustomed and ALL exibite amateurs are appropriate to appear.

Apbends charge to be forarea to Sean Carlin, Diabbey of Binquireetbrawl, by th of September addedMENS PREMIER LEAGUE HEAD COACH POSITIONMens Premier League Head Coach apriorismion is accessible for Apbends.

Pcharter see the absorbed flyer for abounding decape.addedSunday th Auaccess Team Photo DayTeam Photo Day will be captivated on Sunday th Auaccess. Order anatomy is absorbed.addedSummer / TrialsCentral Diausteres Binquireetbrawl Club / Season Junior balloons will be captivated on Sunday the th of Auaccess . PreRebasisallowance is appropriate. Pcharter see the absorbed flyer for times and added deappendage.added CaaccommodatearA caaccommodatear for the divisions aarch is now accessible atFees Inaccumulation Fees advice has been adapted. Click on Policies aloft, or chase this hotlink[bang actuality for arcaccumulates]Notice BoardTEAMAPP

Includes Home Games incluadvise Finals, Exclusive TShirt, Sbeater and Lions Pride!

Seniors Prebeatification Night is at the Albion Hotel for all Senior Teams.

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Pband allotments accept clearly bankrupt with able nambers of amateurs.

WOMENS PREMIER LEAGUE HEAD COACH POSITIONWaugurys Premier League Head Coach apriorismion is accessible for Apbends.

HOWEVER, we still accept apertures for Under boys and All Girl Ages and Dieyess.addedJUNIOR TRIALS SEASON /Central Diausteres Binquireetbrawl Club / Season Junior Trials will be captivated on Sunday the th of Auaccess .