ELIgirls basketball teams near meTE SKILLS

Encouragement from Experienced Coaches who have Played at the Collegiate Level

We are a skills development training camp which not only trains youth members in the fundamentals of basketball, but also teaches them responsibility, accounility, and teamwork. At Elite Skills we strive on developing the character of our members on and off the court. Our coaches are highly experienced, competed at the collegiate level, and have numerous years of coaching experience.

Develop Basketball Skills from the Foundation passing, dribbling, shooting, teamwork, etc

Our main objective is to develop and enhance not only the essential skills of the game but also develop the players overall basketball I.Q. There is always room to sharpen skills and make better decisions on the court. Repetition is key! Improvements occur by repeating drills over and over until you master them. Our mission is to equip our members with the necessary tools to compete at any level of organized basketball such as a school team, tournament, or league, no matter the age or experience of the player.

Increases range of motion and good for warming upELIgirls basketball teams near meTE SKILLS